We are committed to creating a beautiful and edible home garden using a variety of techniques. We will help you all along the way from start to finish to further tinkering. We believe garden projects are never truly complete but rather in constant state of renewal.

Consultation – This is the first step to creating your garden. We will provide informed consultations to begin a process for discovering what your goals are and how they can be implemented. Whatever project you want to do, we will help figure out the best way to accomplish it.

Design – We will design an attractive and abundant landscape while taking in to account everything that you want.  We pride ourselves on well-thought out designs that are developed out of conversations with you about our capabilities and your wishes. The design can be a simple plan drawn with pencil and paper or complex in detail computer plan depending on your preference.

4225342_origInstallation – Once your design is complete, we can install exactly what was intended, while being flexible with changes if necessary.

Maintenance –  After your project has been implemented, we can help maintain your edible garden through Pruning, Fertilization, Integrated Pest Management, Harvesting, Composting, and Weeding. We are more than happy to teach you basic gardening skills and techniques so that you can maintain your garden on your own.